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 Fetch Academy Training Services 

At Fetch, we specialize in helping you raise a sweet, smart, obedient puppy. Our convenient training programs allow you to drop off your puppy in the morning and pick up each day on your way home from work.  Your puppy will receive one hour of training with one of our gentle, experienced trainers and spend the rest of the day playing and socializing with other dogs in our daycare. Daily training allows your puppy to learn quickly not to nip, jump, or chew your stuff. And all that playtime gives you a relaxed, snuggle puppy at night.

At pick up, you will get a written progress report and a short meeting with your trainer. We do all the work for you during the week. On Friday, you will get your homework assignment for the weekend. This enables you to learn the commands your puppy has learned from us and teaches the puppy to obey everyone in your household.

Repetition and consistency are the keys to unlocking your dog’s good behavior. Fetch’s trainers use science based positive reinforcement clicker training techniques. Clicker training is humane, dog friendly and one of the fastest ways to teach reliable commands. By using treats and praise to reward wanted behaviors, your puppy is more likely to listen to you than if you use punishment.

Training Rates

It’s only $225 for 5 days in Puppy Prep School. Most programs are 3-4 weeks in length. Tell our trainers what your puppy is doing that tries your patience or just drives you crazy. Remember, this is YOUR program and we CAN HELP.